The CIGPE is the representative body of Professional Engineers within the Channel Islands.

It is a multidiscipline grouping of all professional engineers, supported by subvention from the principal engineering institutions, the ICE, IMechE and IET.

The inaugural meeting of the Group took place on the 16th April 1963.

The aims of the Group are “To follow the professional and ethical codes laid down in the Charters of the sponsoring Institutions”.

The Group now also provides careers advice to potential engineers and works closely with the local careers advisory services, in concert with the training programmes of the sponsoring Institutions.

For ease of administration the Group is subdivided into two sections, one for the Bailiwick of Jersey and one for the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Each section elects its own committee which comprises a Chairman, Secretary and not less than four ordinary members.

The Combined Group is run by a committee comprising the respective Jersey and Guernsey Section Chairmen, whose terms of office run for two years, and an elected Group Secretary and Treasurer. The Chairmanship of the Group alternates annually between the two Bailiwicks.

The incumbent Group Chairman sits on a number of industry related committees in each Bailiwick and provides independent advice and informed comment on matters likely to affect the professional and ethical codes and structures of the engineering profession.

The AGM is held in December/January of each year in each island and if possible the combined Group attends.

At the commencement of each year following the AGM, a programme of events for the year is published and sent to all members. This programme also lists all committee members and the incoming Group Chairman.

Should you wish to know more about the Group then please contact chairman.jsy@cigpe.com or chairman.gsy@cigpe.com or sign up via the website.

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