A Talk by Prof. Sir Ian Chapman

There is increasing interest around the latest research into Fusion Energy as a long-term part of the energy generation mix bearing in mind recent and ongoing challenges in the global energy markets. Ian will outline the challenges still to overcome to deliver fusion as well as explaining the next steps happening in the field

Closer to home and much more immediate, the States of Guernsey is due to debate the Electricity Strategy for the island for the next few decades, and Guernsey Electricity will play a crucial role in this strategy.

Drawing on his experience of the UK Energy markets, as CEO of the UKAEA and Non-Executive Director of Guernsey Electricity, Sir Ian is in a unique position to talk about both of these important topics.

We will be using the Harry Bound Suite at Les Cotils, which has seating for 180 people.  We expect that this talk will generate a good deal of interest, but there should enough space for everybody.  There is no need to get a ticket or book a seat.

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