Guernsey Pool Marina Feasibility Study Progress

Guernsey: Wednesday 23rd November 7.30pm, Les Cotils

Jersey: Thursday 24th November 8pm, Pomme D’Or Hotel

Guernsey Ports have been mandated by the States of Guernsey to investigate the feasibility of creating a marina within the Pool of St Peter Port Harbour, the study has included extensive site investigation to look at dredging possibilities and existing structures for stability, as well as ship manoeuvrability, demand studies and financial modelling.  The study is at a public consultation stage ahead of finalising the policy letter due to be presented to the States of Guernsey early 2023.

Jenny Giles is the Project Civil Engineer for Guernsey Ports and the Programme Manager for the Pool Marina Study.  Jenny is a Chartered Civil Engineer, who has experience in consulting, contracting and local government client roles. Her career has primarily focused around coastal defences and marine structures on and offshore.  Jenny is a member of the ICE, a previous chairperson of CIGPE and presented to CIGPE  in 2015, the project to stabilise the boat landing of the Hanois Lighthouse for Trinity House during her time with Geomarine Guernsey.

For Jersey Lectures – the talk will start at 8:00pm (which is free to attend) but is proceeded by an optional dinner, starting at 6:30pm. If you wish to attend the dinner at a cost of £30pp bookings can be made via Eventbrite. If you have any dietary requirements, please email

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